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These are all new items but some may not be in their original packaging. Only available whilst stock lasts,  & some items we have only one in stock

To see our full range of stocked items, all realistically priced, please click on  links above

This page is updated regularly, some items we only have one in stock. As orders are processed in the order we receive them, any order received for items with no stock left be refunded for  those  item(s).

Salt pig#1


All items are 1:12 scale

Dollhouse Dining Room,  Dollhouse Kitchen, Dollhouse Bedroom, Dollhouse Nursery, Dollhouse Music, Dollhouse Accessories, Dollhouse Office, Dollhouse Reduced items

Salt Pig (ea) #2 £0.90

Items to Clear

2 Arm Chandelier £8.99

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Desk Light £10

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Walnut Bedside £2.99

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Oak Display Cabinet RRP £11.95


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Jug and bowl £1.75

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Retriever ? £1.99

Spaniel ? £1.99

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3 Arm Chandelier, candle bulbs £12.50

Ceiling Light £3.75

Lantern Light £12.99

Flexi Lamp £4.99

Birthday Cake £1.50

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1:24 Bathroom£7.99

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Items Below are 1:24th Scale

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Shop Counter #2 £7.99

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Hurricane Lamp  £5.50

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Barbeque £4.50

dollhouse BBQ
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4 assorted Rabbits £3.50

4 assorted Guinea Pigs £2.95

dollhouse rabbits
Dollhouse animals
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Chickens £7.99 Set

dollhouse chickens
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Cranberry glass jug £3.50

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dollhouse cats

CATS - Each £0.95

Pet Bowl £0.80

5 mixed Cats- £4.50

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dollhouse bicycle

Bicycle with Basket £5.45

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dollhouse telephone box

Telephone Box  £6.50

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Frosted Tree (6”) £1.60

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Candelabra & Candles £1.50

Add to Cart Dollshouse chair

Period Pine Chair



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