DB Miniatures

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Note: all accessories are fixed in place unless requested otherwise. All items complete as seen

© 2008 DB Miniatures

Site built using Serif

1:12 Trumpet £9.99

1:12 Alto Sax £12.50

Blue Gibson £9.99

Gretsch Guitar £9.99

dollshouse music

Most  Dollhouse musical instruments come complete with lined case

All our products are made for the enthusiast / collector and are not toys

Dollhouse Dining Room,  Dollhouse Kitchen, Dollhouse Bedroom, Dollhouse Nursery, Dollhouse Music, Dollhouse Accessories, Dollhouse Office, Dollhouse Reduced items

Dollhouse Trumpet
Dollhouse Gibson guitar
Dollhouse guitar
dollhouse guitar

Red Washburn £9.99

Dollhouse Guitar

White Guitar £9.99

Mal's-E: Add Trumpet to cart Mal's-E: Add Alto Saxaphone to cart Mal's-E: Add Brown Gretsch Guitar to cart Mal's-E: Add Red Washburn Guitar to cart
Dollhouse music stand

1:12 Music Stand £7.50

Mal's-E: Add Music Stand to cart

Grand Piano & Stool £15.50

Dollhouse Piano
Mal's-E: Add Grand Piano & Stool to cart
Dollhouse Keyboard

Keyboard £9.99

Mal's-E: Add Keyboard to cart

1:12 Welsh Harp £13.50

Dollhouse Harp

1:12 Cello £9.50

Dollhouse Cello
Mal's-E: Add Cello to cart
Dollhouse Piano

Upright Piano £9.99

Mal's-E: Add Upright Piano to cart

Music Room

Add to Cart

1:12 Oboe £8.99

Mal's-E: Add Oboe (Wood) to cart Mal's-E: Add Blue Gibson Guitar to cart

1:12 Violin £8.99

Dollhouse violin
Mal's-E: Add Violin to cart