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Note: all accessories are fixed in place unless requested otherwise. All items complete as seen

© 2017 DB Miniatures

Dollhouse Dining Room,  Dollhouse Kitchen, Dollhouse Bedroom, Dollhouse Nursery, Dollhouse Music, Dollhouse Accessories, Dollhouse Office, Dollhouse Reduced items

complete Dollhouse Bedroom sets

Post & Packing costs

Mahogany Double  £10.25


Individually dressed mahogany beds with Pink or blue throw & pillow

Single Bed £9.99


Dressed Double Bed £12.99

Mal's-E: Add Dressed Double Bed to cart

Single Bed £6.99

Mal's-E: Add Single Mahog Bed to cart

Wardrobe £9.99

Mal's-E: Add Mahog R/T Wardrobe to cart

Accessorised Wardrobe £11.99

handmade Mal's-E: Add Accessorised R/T Wardrobe to cart

Accessorised Wardrobe £10.99

handmade Mal's-E: Add Accesorised F/T Wardrobe to cart

Pink “Guzunder”

Potty £0.99

Mal's-E: Add Pink potty to cart

Dollhouse Bedroom

Blue “Guzunder”

Potty £0.99

Mal's-E: Add Blue potty to cart Mal's-E: Add Double Mahog Bed to cart

Bedside Table  £3.99

hand made

Blanket Cupboard  £15.95

hand made

Chest Wardrobe £10.99

Dollhouse Chest Wardrobe
handmade Mal's-E: Add Accessorised Chest Wardroe to cart
Dollhouse Dressing Table

Accessorised Dressing Table & Stool £10.99

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Chair £2.99

Single Bed £9.99

Girls Wardrobe £11.99

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Chair £2.99

Single Bed £9.99

Boys Wardrobe £11.99

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Accessorised & hand painted Four Poster Bed  £24.99

Tudor four poster bed

Double £3.99

Single £2.99

hand made
Dollshouse Bedding


NEW Hand made Single / Double Quilt Sets

Dollshouse Bedding


Dollshouse Bedding


Dollshouse Bedding


Matching Curtains Here

Mahog Bedside £3.99

Mal's-E: Add Mahog Bedside to cart

Mahogany Bedroom Furniture

“Oak” Bedroom Furniture

White Bedroom Furniture


Single Bed

ABC Quilt Set with Pillows £2.99

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Dollshouse bedding
Dollshouse Bedding

Satin Quilt set Pink or Mint

Single £3.50

Double £4.75


DB Exclusive Country Cottage, Hand Painted cream Range.

Hand Painted Cream Bedside £4.99

Add to Cart handmade handmade

Cream Wardrobe £ 9.99

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Hand Painted Cream Double Bed as shown £13.50

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Hand Painted Cream Double Bed (no quilt)£10.50

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Cream Chair £ 3.99

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Cream Bedside #2  £3.99

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Cream tabletop Mirror £3.50

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White Dressed Single £9.99

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Small White Chest £8.50

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White Bedside £3.99

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White Rocker & ABC cushions £4.50

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Pine Double


Dressed Pine Double  £12.50

Mal's-E: Add Pine Double Bed to cart Mal's-E: Add Dressed Pine Double to cart

Pine Bedside Table  £3.99

Mal's-E: Add Pine Bedside Table to cart

Wire chair £9.50

Wire Bedroom stand £7.99

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Cream Rocker £4.99

Cream Stool £2.99

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Pine Bedroom Furniture

“Oak” Bench £4.50

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“Oak” Blanket Box £6.50

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“Oak” Settle £9.99

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Matching Curtains

Cream Dressing Table £9.99

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