DB Miniatures

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Note: all accessories are fixed in place unless requested otherwise. All items complete as seen

© 2008 DB Miniatures

Site built using Serif

Hand Made

Symbol shows hand made/individually accessorised item

All our products are made for the enthusiast / collector and are not toys

Complete luxury eight piece nursery set, drop-side cot with fabric canopy, five drawer dresser with mirror, rocking crib, high chair, nursery chair, rocking horse and teddy chair, three drawer chest. Available in pink only. - All drawers open

Dollhouse Dining Room,  Dollhouse Kitchen, Dollhouse Bedroom, Dollhouse Nursery, Dollhouse Music, Dollhouse Accessories, Dollhouse Office, Dollhouse Reduced items,

Quilted Crib £3.99

White Drop side Cot £7.20


All items are 1:12 scale

White Crib £3.20

Dressed Cot With Quilt, Pillow & Bumper £8.99

Quilt, Pillow and Bumper set £2.50

Dressed Crib with Quilt & Bumper £6.99

Nursery Set £24.99

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Baby Doll £1.10 pair

Dollhouse £4.99

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Toy Train £1.75

Dollhouse £5.99

Fort £4,20

Paint Palette £1.10

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Monopoly £0.50

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Babies Pram in  pink or blue £4.75

R.R.P May 2014


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NEW Fairy Quilt, Pillow & Bumper set £2.99

NEW Elephant Quilt, pillow & Bumper set £2.99

Quilt and Bumper Only £1.99

High Chair £4.50

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Baby Walker £2.25

dollshouse babywalker Mal's-E: Add White Baby Walker to cart

Single Bed

ABC Quilt Set with Pillows £2,99

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ABC Curtains Pole & Fixings £3.99

Exclusive Hand Made Dbminiatures ABC design Pleated Curtains. Available in two sizes to fit the most popular windows available 4.5” or 6” wide with 6” drop

Dressed White Rocker £4.50

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Girl only Boy = TEMP O/S

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