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Note: all accessories are fixed in place unless requested otherwise. All items complete as seen

© 2018 DB Miniatures

All our products are made for the enthusiast / collector and are not toys

Dollhouse Dining Room,  Dollhouse Kitchen, Dollhouse Bedroom, Dollhouse Nursery, Dollhouse Music, Dollhouse Accessories, Dollhouse Office, Dollhouse Reduced items

Bicycle with Basket £5.45

Bath Salts * 8 Jars £2.99

Mal's-E: Add Bath Salts to cart
Dollhouse Tea

two Cups of Tea £1.50

Dollhouse cutlery

12 piece cutlery set £1.99

Salver £0.99

Mal's-E: Add Two Cups of Tea to cart Mal's-E: Add Silver Salver to cart Mal's-E: Add !2 piece cutlery set to cart
dollhouse jam jar

3 Jam Jars £1.99

dollhouse egg cups

Pr Eggs in cups £1.70

Mal's-E: Add Pair of eggs in eggcups to cart Mal's-E: Add JamJars to cart
dollhouse ironing board set
dollhouse umberella stand

Umbrella Stand £1.50

dollhouse doilly

4 Doilies £0.99

dollhouse ironing

Ironing £1.40

Eggs in Basket £1.65

dollhouse egg basket
Mal's-E: Add Eggs in Basket to cart

4 Medium Jars £2.50

6 Small Jars £3.50

dollhouse glass jars
dollhouse glass jars
dollhouse spice jars

Spice jars £2.25

dollhouse caddy set

Caddy set  £1.25

Mal's-E: Add Spice Jars to cart Mal's-E: Add 4 medium glass jars to cart Mal's-E: Add 6 Smalll glass jars to cart Mal's-E: Add Wooden Caddy Set to cart
dollhouse vase

Vase £1.25

Mal's-E: Add Small circular vase to cart

Pink “Guzunder” £0.99

Oval Vase £0.60

dollhouse vase
Mal's-E: Add Oval Vase to cart Mal's-E: Add Pink Potty to cart

Bar set £0.99

dollhouse bar set
dollhouse wine bottles

Six Wine Bottles £1.99

dollhouse orange juice

Orange juice set £3.50

Mal's-E: Add Six WIne Bottles to cart Mal's-E: Add Bar Set to cart

Wall Bracket £1.70

Dollhouse hanging bracket
Mal's-E: Add Hanging Basket Bracket to cart Mal's-E: Add Iron & Ironing pile to cart

Iron - £0.70

Airer - 1.99

Mal's-E: Add Iron to cart Mal's-E: Add Airer to cart Mal's-E: Add Bicycle to cart Mal's-E: Add 4 Doillies to cart Mal's-E: Add Umberella Stand to cart dollhouse books

Books £.050 Set

Add to Cart Mal's-E: Add Orang Juice Set to cart

“Roses” Tea set in Pink - 15 Piece £3.99

Add to Cart

Exclusive DBMiniatures Handmade Pleated Curtains & Matching Cushions

Curtains come complete with Wooden Pole and fixings. Two sizes available (std) 6”*6”  or (narrow) 4.5”w*6” drop. These will fit the most common window sizes, for other / special sizes please contact us

Exclusive DBMiniatures Handmade Roman Blinds 6”wide

Red Flowered £2.99

Blue Flowered £2.99

Blue “Guzunder”

Potty £0.99

Mal's-E: Add Blue potty to cart

Wedding Cake £1.50

Add to Cart
Dollhouse cheese board

Cheese board £1.50

Add to Cart

Blue Flowered Cream £3.99


Add to Cart

£0.99 (Pair)

Red Flowered £3.99


Add to Cart

£0.99 (Pair)

Pink Lge Flowered £3.99


Add to Cart

£0.99 (Pair)

NEW DB Exclusive

Baking Board


Breakfast set - 2 cups of Tea, 2 cornflake bowls & spoons, milk jug (with “milk”) £4.99

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Pink Polka dot   £3.99


Blue Polka dot  £3.99


Add to Cart

£0.99 (Pair)

Blue Sm Flowered £3.99


Sewing Machine £6.50

dollshouse sewing
Mal's-E: Add Sewing Machine to cart

Pink Sm Flower  £3.99