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All our products are made for the doll house enthusiast / collector and are not toys

This site has been live since April 2008


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We are a small family business who supply unique, hand made in the UK, accessories and customised items for the dollhouse miniature enthusiast at remarkable prices. We enjoy making, and hope you enjoy owning, our special items.

We also supply a range of carefully selected dollhouse items, made with the same care, and attention to detail we would use ourselves.

We have created this site to enable you to see, and order, our dollhouse products online.

Our full range is not displayed. If you cannot find what you are looking for please contact us with details.

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All items are 1:12 scale

© 2017 DB Miniatures

Pink Nursery Set £24.99

Tea Shop Table £14.99

Dolls house Tea Tables
Mal's-E: Add Tea for two - chocolate sponge in pink to cart
Dolls House Tea

Two Cups of Tea £1.50

Mal's-E: Add Two Cups of Tea to cart

Sink - Complete £11.99

Dolls house sink
Mal's-E: Add Sink complete to cart

Dollhouse £5.99

Doll house for a Dollshouse
Mal's-E: Add Pink  Nursery Set to cart Dollshouse Emporium Mal's-E: Add Painted Dollshouse to cart